Children’s Mouth and Dental Health


Pedodontics is the field of dentistry in which the control of the oral and dental development of infants and children, the detection and treatment of existing diseases is carried out.

The first dental examination in children, 6 months from the beginning of the first milk tooth should be made. Usually first, the lower jaw, the front incisors last. Children are advised to go to the dentist every 6 months. If the child has a high risk of caries, this period is 3 months. In the first examination, the most important is that the child goes to the dentist without having any problems in the teeth or mouth. In this way, the child will recognize the dentist, just chat, realize that there is nothing to be afraid of, and get used to the dentist. Dentistry is one of the most closely associated professions with fear. At least until the child’s first examination, parents should not reveal their fears, they should not make feel the negative thoughts about dentistry. Pedodontists first play a game without scare your child in the dental examination, make used to dentists. This approach of pedodontists helps children to break the phobia of the dentist.


What is a Fissure sealant (dental vaccine)?

Fissure sealant application is a preventive dental treatment in which the recesses and grooves of the most rotting chewing surfaces of molars are covered with fluid protective filler. The aim is to create areas that are difficult to brush, which are difficult to decay.

On which teeth fissure sealants (oral vaccine) are applied?

It is made by pedodontists on the chewing surfaces of molars.

What is the Flour application?

The outer part of the tooth which is enamel, is strengthened with fluorine to make the tooth structure more resistant to decay. In the application of fluorine varnish, specially prepared fluorine preparations are applied to the cleaned tooth surfaces with the help of special brush. In fluoride application, it is applied with specially prepared fluorine spoons. When applied correctly and at the correct dose, there are no side effects.


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