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What is a complete denture (denture tooth)?

Also known as denture palate, made in the absence of teeth in the mouth, dentures are seated on the lower and upper palate.

How many days does it take, how many times do I have to come?

Complete dentures are prepared with an average of 5 sessions with a range of measurements and various rehearsals. Average of 2 weeks is enough for 5 sessions.

Is it easy to use?

Dental prostheses with dentures are more difficult to use than other prostheses. It can be easily implantable and removed from the upper and lower jaw, but it is not expected to have fixed denture comfort and chewing activity.

How to clean?

Full dental dentures are cleaned by running water and soap. Toothpaste is not used for cleaning. As a special brush cleaner for full dentures can also be cleaned with a normal toothbrush. In addition, some brands of cleansing tablets are available, by putting a tablet in a glass of water can be cleaned by waiting denture in it.

Is it possible to repair dentures when the teeth are broken or when the teeth fall?

Depending on the shape and size of the fracture, it can be easily repaired, but it may be necessary to take measurements from the jaws for repair. Teeth falling from the prosthesis are also easily repaired.

How long does it take to repair prosthetic teeth?

Depending on the shape and size of the fracture, it is possible to repair usually in 1, 2 days.

  • Dental prosthesis with hook/Partial Prosthesis:

What are partial dental prostheses?

Prosthesis are performed in cases where fixed prosthesis cannot be applied. The tooth in front of the toothless area is held with a prosthetic hook therefore also called a hooked prosthesis.

How many days do I have to come for the construction of hooked dental prostheses?

The stages of partial dentures are the same as for the full denture stages. Partial dental prostheses are also prepared in 5 sessions with measurements and various rehearsals. Average of 2 weeks is enough for 5 sessions.

Are partial dental prostheses easy to use?

Partial prostheses receive support from the teeth with the help of hooks. The first time it is done when inserting and removing it, it is very tight and it is replaced and removed more easily over time. The comfort and chewing efficiency of fixed prostheses cannot be expected in partial dentures.

How do I clean my partial dental prosthesis?

The cleaning of partial prostheses is the same as the cleaning of full dentures.


Is it possible to repair the dental prosthesis when it breaks or falls?

As in the complete denture, partial dentures and teeth can be easily repaired in partial prosthesis. If the hooks break, it can be repaired by mouth measurement.

How long does it take to repair?

In partial dentures, as in complete dentures, it is possible to repair it in 1-2 days, although it may vary depending on the shape and size of the fracture.

Is it possible to use these dental prostheses in diabetic patients?

As with full dentures, partial prostheses can be applied to almost any patient and can be easily applied to diabetic patients. It may take a long time to heal the wounds and wounds that may occur in the mouth after the application, and it may cause necessary to use special gels and artificial saliva as it may also be a dry mouth problem

Is it possible to use in patients with bone resorption?

The volume of bone tissue in partial dentures is not very important. As it is a prosthesis with support from existing teeth, the strength and dimensions of the teeth are important.


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