Endodontics (Canal Treatment):

What is root canal treatment?

Cracks and fractures occur on dental caries occurring on the tooth, the wrong treatment processes, improper restoration result of the loss of viability of the nerves and vessels in the tooth results in cleaning of those infected nerve in the tooth channel disinfected and channel to be filled with fillers is called canal treatment.

When is canal treatment necessary?

  • Advanced decay in the tooth to the nerve,
  • In the event of fractures involving the nerve of the tooth as a result of trauma,
  • In cases where the tooth has lost vitality due to excessive force to the tooth as a result of orthodontic treatment,
  • In advanced gum disease,
  • In the removal of the sensitivity caused by excessive abrasion in the teeth,
  • Also in case of high fillers or dentures.

How do you know if you need a tooth canal treatment?

  • Hot cold sensitivity in your teeth,
  • Pain without any stimuli, especially at night
  • If there is pain during eating
  • Color change in your teeth as a result of the death of nerves
  • Swelling on your face as a result of abscess formation
  • In some cases, dental and radiological examinations are performed without any symptoms.

What are the stages of canal treatment?

  • With the anesthesia made first, you will not feel any pain.
  • The rupture is removed or the fracture is removed and the nerves of the tooth are reached.
  • The nerves and tissues in the root of the tooth are cleaned.
  • The root canal is formed up to the root end.
  • Depending on the condition of the tooth can be treated as a single session or treatment may last a few sessions.
  • During the session, dressing is done with medicines that will improve the root and root ends.
  • At the end of the canal treatment, the canal is filled to the root end with special fillers.

Should the tooth be pulled as a result of inflammation in the tooth?

Nowadays, the majority of abscesses at the root end can be treated by the materials and techniques used in the canal treatment, so there is no need to pull the tooth.

Is antibiotic use necessary in dental infections?

Under normal conditions, the use of antibiotics is not required during canal treatment. However, antibiotics may be given in the presence of advanced infection or in case of hypersensitivity to the tooth.