Toothiness, perplexed teeth, discrete teeth, overlapping teeth can be treated with orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments can also be performed with orthodontics (invisalign) without the use of braces. In some treatments, the wires can also be attached to the inside of the teeth (incognito).

Perplexed teeth cause both aesthetic and functional disorders;

  1. Oral hygiene is more difficult to provide.
  2. Gums and dental caries occur because the teeth cannot be cleaned properly.
  3. May cause jaw joint discomfort (due to unstable forces)Diarrhea is an aesthetic problem for the patient.
  4. Diarrhea is an aesthetic problem for the patient.

What causes orthodontic disorder?

  1. If the teeth are not treated timely and are taken prematurely, or if the applications of flour and fissure are ignored, they may lead to orthodontic disorders.
  2. Genetic factors: Hereditary tooth deficiencies, narrow jaw, crowding, skeletal disorder, genetically transmitted to the child.
  3. Problems such as chronic tonsilitis, nose and nasal frontal, permanent mouth breathing can be an obstacle to shaping the jaw bones and may cause tooth repulsion disorders.
  4. Bad habits such as finger sucking, use of pacifier or bottle, tongue or lip sucking, pen biting can cause orthodontic disorders in tooth and jaw structures.

How long does orthodontic treatment last?

As the treatment age changes from person to person, the duration of treatment is different according to the character of the problem. The shortest duration of treatment is 6 months. Mostly the treatment lasts 1-2 years. There may be treatments lasting 3-4 years.

How many types of orthodontic treatment are there?

There are two main treatment methods. Movable appliances that can be inserted or removed by the person himself and fixed appliances attached to the teeth.

What is non-brace orthodontics (invisalign)?

Orthodontic treatment is possible with special transparent plates without the use of orthodontic braces. Although it is applied in many cases, your dentist should decide whether it is suitable for you.

What is transparent braces?

The dangers in the teeth both endanger the health of the existing teeth and gums and cause aesthetic problems. However, because orthodontic treatment is long-lasting and the braces that are worn are not aesthetically pleasing, it is a treatment method that many people avoid.Thanks to the developing technology, the gray colored metal brackets and braces are replaced by invisible and transparent ones, only seen with close look. Thus, patients can complete their treatments without having to worry about aesthetics.

Can anyone wear transparent braces?

Yes, transparent braces can be applied to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment.


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